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We're more than just a CA firm - we're a single-sourced provider of solutions that add value to your business over the long term.

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We believe accounting services should be straight forward and stress-free.

By providing cutting edge bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and financial solutions and using the right products for your record keeping, our team at Owen & Peach will work with you to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals, making it easier for you to manage your cash flow and meet your tax obligations.

While fiscal compliance is of the upmost importance, we at Owen & Peach also believe in offering management advice and support at all levels of our services. We are committed to offering the highest level of friendly and professional service and welcome the opportunity to work with you.

We also complete tax returns for individuals. They can be complex and there are allowable tax deductions and expense claims that can be made that you may not be aware of. We can help you minimise your payable tax and potentially increase your tax return and make sure your tax return is lodged on time. We also offer advice on:

  • Investment properties, tax and negative gearing
  • Tax & share investments.
  • HELP (higher education loans) debts
  • Superannuation advice
  • Advice on setting up self-managed super funds
  • Late tax returns – we can help.

The areas we specialise in are as follows:

  • Personal & Business Tax Returns
  • Annual Reporting
  • Business and Tax Advisory
  • ATO correspondence Management
  • Self-Managed Super
  • Cloud accounting experts

Accounting &
Tax Consultancy

Management Accounting Advice

Management Accounting prepares management reports and accounts that provide accurate and timely financial and statistical information. Information required by managers to make day-to-day and short-term decisions more efficiently and effectively to achieve desired outcomes such as increasing returns or delivering improved services.

Unlike financial accounting, which produces annual reports mainly for external stakeholders, management accounting generates monthly or weekly reports for an organization’s management and decision makers. These reports typically show the amount of available cash, sales revenue generated, amount of orders in hand, state of accounts payable and accounts receivable, outstanding debts, raw material and inventory, and may also include trend charts, variance analysis, and other statistics. An important aspect of Management accounting is determining what information management needs and communicating this effectively to non-financial managers.

Management Reporting

Owen & Peach can assist with all aspects of management reporting including:

  • Strategic advice to managers about the financial implications of projects
  • KPI reporting
  • Explaining the financial consequences of business decisions
  • Formulating business budgets and business plans and strategies
  • Monitoring spending, financial control and Cashflow projection
  • Conducting internal business audits
  • Monthly/quarterly management reports
  • Product costing reviews.


​Concentrate on running your business and let Owen & Peach take care of all your business accounting and taxation requirements

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Records must be kept for five years (some records may need to be kept longer)
  • Accounting software advice and assistance
  • Business & company tax returns
  • Taxation – GST & PAYE advice, BAS preparation
  • Owen & Peach can liaise with the ATO on your behalf
  • WorkCover: your obligations
  • Audit advice & audit insurance
  • Superannuation for you and your staff
  • Business ‘start up’ advice
  • Prepare Business plans and financial budgets and review regularly
  • Measure your performance against industry benchmarks
  • Trust & company structures
  • Business Insurance.

Self Managed
Super Funds (SMSF)

Setting up a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is a major financial decision. We understand that you’re busy and that the SMSF rules are complicated. We will provide you with an end to end solution giving you access to all the support and expertise you need to easily manage your SMSF.

SMSF have many advantages but, equally, you need to consider the reasons why a SMSF may not suit your needs. We can help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Advantages of a SMSF:

  • Having control of your retirement savings can lead to a deeper understanding of how your overall wealth is tracking, and give you more confidence in your investment and lifestyle decisions.
  • You can have access to a broader range of investments. You can invest in the usual investments such as shares, term deposits, managed funds and property. You can also hold alternative assets such as artwork, jewellery, antiques, coins, stamps, vintage cars and wine. There are though, very strict rules on holding the latter assets in your self-managed super fund.
  • You have more control over your investments while still being able to take advice from your advisors.
  • Beneficial tax planning strategies
  • Greater flexibility for accessing Centrelink benefits such as the age pension.

But a SMSF is not for everyone:

  • If you have set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF), you are in charge and you make the investment decisions for the fund. You must also be aware that you are responsible for complying with superannuation and tax laws, maintaining records, providing financial statements, completing tax returns and organising an annual independent audit.
  • You do then need time and expertise to effectively run your SMSF. The ATO (link below) offers advice on the responsibilities of having a SMSF.
  • More information on your role in running a SMSF can be seen at the ATO here.

  • Owen & Peach offers advice on all SMSF services, including:
  • Set up of SMSF and all administration tasks such as preparation of your trust deeds, completion and lodgement of relevant ATO statements
  • Superannuation consolidation
  • Ensuring your SMSF is compliant with current superannuation laws and regulations
  • Advice on life and disability Insurance options.
  • If there is more than one member in your SMSF, we can offer advice on what will happen in the event of ill health, death, relationship breakdown, or waning interest.
  • What if I can no longer make decisions about my SMSF? You should organise a contingency plan for the management of your fund before this happens.
  • Investment property advice.
  • SMSF borrowing via our third party legal firm.
  • Establishment of your SMSF
  • Appointment of Trustees
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Completion and lodgement of annual taxation return
  • Audit of your SMSF
  • Technical advice on superannuation matters
  • Provision of regular email superannuation newsletter to clients
  • Manage on going compliance obligations for your SMSF


Business start-ups and structure

Choosing your business structure is an important decision and Owen & Peach can advise on the best structure for your business. There are four main business structures commonly used by small businesses in Australia. They are:

  • Sole trader: an individual operating as the sole person legally responsible for all aspects of the business. Like other structures, as a sole trader you can employ people to help you run your business. The structure is inexpensive to set up because there are few legal and tax formalities.
  • Partnership: an association of people or entities running a business together, but not as a company. A partnership is relatively inexpensive to set up and operate.
  • Company: a legal entity separate from its shareholders. It is a complex business structure, with set-up and administrative costs that are usually higher than for other business structures.
  • Trust: an entity that holds property or income for the benefit of others. Trusts require a formal trust deed that outlines how the trust operates, require the trustee to undertake formal yearly administrative tasks and if you operate your business as a trust, the trustee is legally responsible for its operations. A trustee of a trust can be a company, providing some asset protection.

Companies and Trusts are more complicated business structures but they have their advantages and Owen & Peach can discuss these with you. It is important to note that you can change your business structure throughout the life of your business. As your business grows and expands, you may decide to change your business structure, or to restructure your business. We can also assist with:

  • Business takeovers
  • Board of Directors representation
  • Due diligent services
  • Specialist Tax advice
  • Tax planning
  • Business risk profiles.


Owen & Peach has the experience and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework that applies to business entities and we can help you understand the myriad compliance programs and regulated obligations that affect your business/company.

We will make sure your business/company meets all its obligations to ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission), the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and the SRO (State Revenue Office of Victoria). Of paramount importance is compliance but we also believe that management advice and support is a crucial aspect of corporate accounting.

We can assist with:

  • The formation of trusts and new company registrations
  • Preparation of annual company statements
  • Attending to ASIC returns and regular filings on your behalf
  • Any company changes or change of directors
  • Business name registrations and maintenance
  • Renewal of business name/s and other registrations
  • Preparing meeting minutes and drafting resolutions
  • Annual taxation returns, lodgement of financial statements
  • Share allotments/transfers/buy-backs
  • Unit Trusts and allotment/transfer of units and change of Trustee
  • Family Trust set up and change of trustees
  • Provision of registered office services for service of notices
  • Preparing minutes and drafting resolutions.


How can Estate Planning Help Me?

  • Estate Planning is not just about having a Will. It involves the review, management and control of your personal, family and business affairs according to your wishes while you are alive.
  • A well-constructed Estate Plan can protect your assets and save your family and friends a great deal of angst when the inevitable happens.
  • Your estate plan will vary depending on your family circumstances. Of primary concern if you have a young family is to choose a legal guardian. If you have a grown up family you may want to consider how best to financially look after your children and grandchildren.
  • A good Estate Plan minimizes tax and protects your assets.
  • Update your will and nominate an executor.
  • Non estate Assets such as jointly held assets, family trusts, super funds and private companies may not be able to be dealt with under your will. You may need to take additional steps to ensure these assets get to your chosen beneficiary.
  • You may need to set up a specific structure or trust to look after beneficiaries with special needs and sizable bequests to charities

What is My Estate?

Your estate is made up of everything that you own. This includes your home, property, furniture, car, personal possessions, business, investments, superannuation and bank accounts.

What if I Don’t Have a Plan?

If you don’t have a Will when you die or an invalid will, this is termed dying intestate. In this situation, state laws determine how your estate will be administered. This could result in your assets being distributed against your wishes. Alongside this, the improper distribution of your assets could incur avoidable tax liabilities and other expenses for your beneficiaries.

A will generally does not cover every aspect of your assets either, such as superannuation, trust assets and jointly held assets.

Given the risks of not having a proper estate plan in place, it is important to make sure that your plan is in order. This ensures that all of your assets will be distributed efficiently, tax-effectively and according to your wishes.